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Claim Procedures


Accidents do occur, and in most cases it is no fault of the vehicle driver. When involved in a motor accident and it happens that someone is injured, attend to the person first. Give him the necessary first aid and arrange to shift the injured to hospital. A. The next steps represent the claim procedure for GLICO GENERAL: Inform police about the accident Inform GLICO GENERAL about the accident and complete an Accident Report form Submit a photocopy of your driving license and make the original available for inspection Submit all Claims, Writs, and letters unanswered to us. B. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine who qualifies to make a claim. The following are the categories of persons qualified to make a claim: The Policy Holder (the Insured) Anyone who's property has been destroyed by the insured vehicle Any injured victim(s) The Administrator of a deceased's estate The parents or guardians in the case of a minor. C. TIME PERIOD IN WHICH TO MAKE A CLAIM At GLICO GENERAL, there is a period within which claims can be made and this period is set by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) Injury / Death: A claim can be made within three years from date of accident. Damage: A claim can be made within six years from date of accident.