Claims Procedure

Our Claims Procedure

Accidents do occur, and in most cases it is no fault of the vehicle driver. When involved in a motor accident and it happens that someone is injured, attend to the person first. Give him the necessary first aid and arrange to shift the injured to hospital. 

– The next steps represent the claim procedure for GLICO General:

  • Inform police about the accident
  • Inform GLICO GENERAL about the accident and complete an Accident Report form
  • Submit a photocopy of your driving license and make the original available for inspection
  • Submit all Claims, Writs, and letters unanswered to us.

– Sometimes, it is difficult to determine who qualifies to make a claim. The following are the categories of persons qualified to make a claim:

  • The Policy Holder (the Insured)
  • Anyone who’s property has been destroyed by the insured vehicle
  • Any injured victim(s)
  • The Administrator of a deceased’s estate
  • The parents or guardians in the case of a minor.

-Time period in which to make a claim
At GLICO General, there is a period within which claims can be made and this period is set by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) Injury / Death: A claim can be made within three years from date of accident. Damage: A claim can be made within six years from date of accident.


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