If you are a contractor, our Contractor’s All Risk/Erection All Risk is highly recommended for you.

The Policy provides all risk cover to contractors in respect of both temporary and permanent works, in the course of construction or erection, and until the job is handed over by the contractor to the employer. The cover extends to also include loss of or damage to the unfixed materials or equipment on site. Our policy allows for all items of constructional plant/machinery, equipment, tools and the like, and also temporary buildings for use as site offices and their contents to be covered.  There is also a third party liability cover up to and not exceeding a specified amount for which you as the contractor shall be legally liable consequent on: –

  1. Accidental bodily injury or illness to third parties
  2. Damage to property belonging to third parties

The plant machinery and equipment of the Contractor being used in connection with the contract may also be covered under the policy. 


This policy covers all types of machinery, plant and mechanical equipment, including construction equipment, plants, production equipment, etc. at work or at rest or during maintenance operations. The policy covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to plant, machinery and equipment which necessitate their repair or replacement.It therefore covers such causes as faulty design, faulty operations, malicious acts, physical explosion, short circuit, storm etc.     


GLICO General’s Electronic Equipment policy is specially designed to cover all electrical and electronic systems such as Electronic Data Processing equipment, Electrical equipment for medical use, equipment for research and material testing, communication facilities, computers, etc. The policy provides an all risk cover against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage by any cause (other than the exclusions specified in the policy), thereby necessitating their repair or replacement.