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Principal’s Advance Loss of Profits Insurance (ALoP or DSU)

Principal's advance loss of profits insurance, also known as advance loss of profits (ALoP) or delay in start-up insurance, is an “add-on” that indemnifies the actual loss of gross profit sustained as a result of delayed commencement of business operation caused by an accident covered under the contractors' or erection all risks policy.
It therefore provides protection in respect of anticipated financial losses to the principal or employer resulting from the delayed completion of a project (and therefore the delayed commencement of operations), provided that the delay is caused by an occurrence for which there is indemnity under the material damage section of a construction & erection policy.
Our ALoP or DSU insurance can be effected in respect of any project which is expected to yield income or revenue. Examples are: Hospitals, shopping malls, office complex, retail shops, power stations, hotels, airports, etc.

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